12 seater minibus Hire

12 Seater Minibus Hire Southampton

Your tour of Southampton is never complete if you have not tried our 12 seater minibus. It is an experience that is just out of this world for groups such as corporates or educative trips. All the clients who have used the 12 seater minibus, have always come back for it. They like the experience that comes with it as a group. The minibus is large enough to accommodate a group plus small bags each.

The large windows of the minibus allows the group to have a complete view of any feature of interest without a complete stop over. If the group has a tour guide in the trip, he is able to explain any feature while the tourists are inside the minibus. This is an advantage for educative tours also since the lecturer is able to explain without stopping the minibus.

It goes without saying that the larger the group, the cheaper the cost. The hire of the 12 makes the group to achieve this they are able to use one minibus instead of several smaller vehicles. This makes them have a reduction in the payment cost. This makes the use of this minibus to be cost effective.

The services offered

  • The 12 seater minibus has a GPS system that monitors the vehicle from the central location from the main office. This ensures the tourists don’t get lost while on a remote location with their own driver. With this knowledge our clients are assured of their security while they are on tour. In case of any loss of the journey, there are radio calls that the chauffeur can use to call for help. They can also use hot lines that are provided to them from the point of departure.

  • This minibus offers comfort to the travelers. The seats are adjustable until each individual is able to attain their own comfort. These vehicles also come with air conditioners. These offer the desired temperatures according to needs of the clients. If they need cool air when it is hot, they are able to achieve this from the comfort of their seats on the minibus. Travelling with this minibus of ours enables the tourists and travelers to enjoy the class that comes with them. They have seat holders where one can place their bottles of water and other important belongings. One can easily forget that they are in the minibus and think that they are on a plane. That is how comfortable these minibus is.

  • The hire of this particular minibus is a wise idea since it can travel to any part of Southampton. It has access to the Southampton city gallery, the Hythe Pier or the Bargate among many other features. These are features of different variety. They have no restriction like in places that is not reachable to them. The county administration has given them the license to tour any part of Southampton.

For maximum pleasure and comfort while touring Southampton, the 12 seater minibus is the vehicle of choice for everyone. It is a must try for all.