8 seater minibus hire Southampton.

Why choose us?

  • Exclusive deals on wide variety of options to choose from.

  • Easy comparison between all brand cars.

  • Filters to narrow down the list on online booking.

  • Reliable and experienced drivers.

  • Low cost rates.

  • Cars equipped with modern technology to ease your travel.

Discover Hampshire in a different way by picking up an 8 seater minibus or a van from us. Often referred as the cruise capital of Europe, the enviable location of Southampton on the coast allows easy access to the amazing destinations surrounding it. You can go on the ferry from the nearby Portsmouth, you can also head inland towards London. In the city, if you are staying you can see the heritage and culture of the place coming alive through the various interesting attractions like the Solent Sky Museum, Southampton City Art Gallery, etc.

You can book the minibus by the hour, overnight or even up to a month. Even if you are not a tourist and may be just moving house and clearing out or buying some furniture, our flexible van hire options will make it easier for you to satisfy your needs.

If you are new at Southampton, it is advisable to take a driver including package, as they are the local residents and are well informed about the various lanes and corners and most importantly the laws and regulations. You can also pick the self-driven package. We will provide a digital Google map device to ensure a hassle free drive in the city and its surroundings.

All our cars are regularly serviced, equipped with modern technology and comforts and also goes through the carwash after every service.

For a group of 8, we have an excellent and classy 8 seater minibus and for that matter SUVs too, and it has enough luggage space as well. Simply avoid the public transport as it will be a headache to reach a destination by changing multiple means of transport along with your luggage in the crowd. Just walk into any of our offices among the network of several located all over Southampton and go through an easy paperwork. In case you prefer online, you are more than welcome, go to our efficient and secure website and get your bookings done. You will receive the vehicle at your mentioned convenient location.

Book your minibus online and on pre pay to avail the discounted rate. We will give you a few tour itineraries as well among Southampton and its outskirts, and you can avail any of those if you haven’t yet figured out the places to visit. Among our day trips we will take you to Portsmouth which is a naval port, home to famous ships or The Isle of Wright, a popular holiday destination since Victorian times and located in the English Channel and also Chichester, less than an hour’s drive from Southampton, it is a historic Roman town.

For your retail needs, you can come to West Quay, one of the favourite of such places for the locals and tourists. Here you will find stuff from all big brands all under one roof.