Southampton Minibus hire To Airports

Airport transfer minibus hire Southampton.

Why choose us?

  • Very easy and secure online booking at our website.

  • Choose from the various plans we have that suits your needs and budget.

  • Have a stress free travel with our highly trained and efficient drivers.

  • Luxury car hire available.

  • Friendly and reliable services.

  • Self-driven car services available.

Have the pleasure of a stress free travel in Southampton if you are new to the place. Our minibus or any shuttle service you choose will pick you up directly from the airport. We also have our very own office closely located to the airport for offline booking purposes.

Southampton Airport is one of the busiest in UK, which handles more than 1,600,000 passengers on daily basis. So, a minibus hire from the airport will ensure a hassle free trip especially because you have come in large numbers and prefer to stick together. Avoid the rush in public transport and enjoy the spacious comfort with our services.

The Southampton Airport connects to numerous onwards destinations in Europe, therefore on prior booking with us, you can easily hop into our hire car on arrival at the airport. And on pre-pay you can also get a discounted rate.

Take a pick from our wide variety of options from economy to luxury cars, transit vans, etc. But if you are travelling in large groups you can choose the minibus as we don’t want to split you from your group into several vehicles. All our vehicles are serviced and cleaned regularly after every rental.

Whether it is business or for tourism purposes that you are flying to Southampton Airport and you are looking for a hire people carrier or a minibus, renting it from our services will ensure a smooth, timely and stylish tour in Southampton. In case you don’t know the place or it is your first time in Southampton, choose packages with our drivers, and they are local residents who know the laws and the place very well and therefore will take you to any place you name.

Our network is running through several conveniently located branches in and around Southampton, but in case if you can’t make it to any of our branch, we will pick you from the airport or any other suitable location without any extra charge.

In about 15 minutes you will reach the heart of Southampton from the Southampton Airport in your hired minibus. There is plenty of attractions that will catch your heart and mind in this vibrant city mostly in historic areas of the Old Town. You can have the freedom of experiencing further areas from Southampton. The best places for day-trips in and around Southampton includes Winchester, Portsmouth, New Forest, etc.

You can also come to downtown, which is indeed an excellent place to be in, drive through the historic Westgate and arrive at places from where the pilgrims had set sail for America. Apart from history, you can also meet you retail needs here in Southampton at places like WestQuay, which is one of the most favourite among local residents and tourists. You will find all big brands under one roof.


We offer direct services from anywhere in Southampton to Heathrow Airport 10 seater 12 seater 14 seater to Heathrow coach services 24 seater to Heathrow Airport 18 seater and 20 seater to Heathrow airport

We offer direct services also to Gatwick Airport from Southampton 10 seater 12 seater 14 seater to Gatwick coach services 24 seater to Gatwick Airport 18 seater and 20 seater to Gatwick airport